Hey, what's up, PTCGO Store readers? I hope you all have been having a great day! Summer is upon us, and we are closing in on the biggest event of the year! It has been over two years since Pokemon hosted a World Championship! The 2019 World Championships saw Henry Brand take down the 2019 Washington DC World Championships with Mewtwo and Mew Tag Team GX. Its incredible versatility and strength allowed it to take a stranglehold of the event and would dominate the standard format until its rotation this past year! With the 2022 World Championships fastly approaching, players from around the world are beginning to ramp up testing for the biggest event of the year! Whether it be players playing in the London Open, or the main event itself, this is the one event of the year that doing well can put you into Pokemon legend forever! Today, I am going to be going over Mewtwo. Not Mewtwo and Mew Tag Team, but a new Mewtwo, one that has begun to shake the standard format to its core. This deck is none other than Mewtwo V Union. If you are looking for any PTCGO codes, make sure to use Code SmartTCGfor 5% off your next order here on the PTCGO Store!

Mewtwo V Union

Mewtwo V Union 159Mewtwo V Union 160

Mewtwo V Union 161Mewtwo V Union 162

Mewtwo V Union, when released, was a card that many people brushed aside as a card that was not going to any play. Throughout all of the V Union life spans, they have seen next to no success. This all changed at the 2022 North American International Championships. The 2022 North American International Championships saw over 1000 Pokemon TCG competitors face off to determine who would be the next International Champion. At this event, we saw Sander Wojcik place in the Top 4 with none other than Mewtwo V Union. V Union cards were thought to be next to impossible to use due to their hefty energy costs and requiring all 4 of them to be in the discard before even using them. Sander was able to crack the code. Known as one of, if not the greatest control player of all time, Sander came up with one of the most genius strategies with Mewtwo V Union of all time. Today, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Mewtwo V Union. Let's take a dive into the list.


Pokémon - 13 

2 Miltank ASR 126
4 カビゴン CRE 224
1 Yveltal CEL 19
1 Galarian Meowth SHF 159
1 Pyukumuku PR-SW 169
1 Mewtwo V-UNION PR-SW 159
1 Mewtwo V-UNION PR-SW 160
1 Mewtwo V-UNION PR-SW 161
1 Mewtwo V-UNION PR-SW 162

Trainer Cards - 41 

1 Big Parasol DAA 199
4 Crushing Hammer EPO 92
1 Suspicious Food Tin CPA 66
1 Ordinary Rod SSH 171 
4 Ultra Ball DEX 102
2 Peonia CRE 196
1 Flannery CRE 191
1 PokéStop PGO 68
4 Quick Ball SSH 179 
2 Tool Jammer BST 136
2 Avery CRE 187
1 Boss's Orders RCL 189
4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165 
2 Pal Pad FLF 92
1 Cape of Toughness VIV 200
2 Cyllene ASR 183
2 Professor's Research SSH 201
1 Cook FST 228
4 Trekking Shoes ASR 156
1 Team Yell's Cheer BRS 149

Energy - 6 

3 Twin Energy RCL 174
3 Psychic Energy HS 119

Total Cards - 60

Mewtwo V Union decklist

Key TCG Cards

Mewtwo V Union

Mewtwo V Union has shocked the world and propelled itself into top-tier contention. Boasting a massive 310 HP, it makes it one of the hardest Pokemon to knock out in the standard format. Its HP is actually going to be key to this deck's success. Super Regeneration heals 200 damage off the active Pokemon per turn. That means any deck in the standard format that is not able to deal over 200 damage will never have a shot at knocking Mewtwo V Union out! The goal of this deck is to power up Mewtwo V Union with Union Gain, and then use Regeneration turn after turn to infinidienty heal enough damage off the Mewtwo until your opponent decks out! You have other attacks like Psysplision and Final Burn that can be used to sweep your opponent if they run out of resources!



The beloved Pokemon カビゴン (Chilling Reign) that has been around since the very beginning of Pokemon released in the 1990s has found its home in yet another deck! Snorlax’s Gormandize ability allows you to draw up to 7 cards a turn at the cost of ending your turn. This deck is built around trying to find the pieces to use Mewtwo V Union, so Snorlax makes the perfect card to burn through your deck and find those pieces. Currently, the count of Snorlax is 4, and I would not change that as of right now. This is going to be your most important support Pokemon.



Miltank (Astral Radiance) is a card that has seen quite a lot of play since its release in Astral Radiance. Its ability, Miracle Body, prevents all V Pokemon from dealing any damage from attacks to it. This is going to be a great card to buy yourself some time! With this deck's biggest struggle being getting overwhelmed in the early game and not being able to establish a board state, this card will buy you valuable time needed to gain your footing in games. Its attack “Rout” also makes a great attack to clean up those pesky non-V Pokemon attackers!



Cyllene is the main engine of this deck's strategy. One of the ways this deck can lose is by decking itself out. With cards like Trekking Shoes (Astral Radiance), Professor's Research (Sword and Shield), and more, this deck will get down to very low counts of cards. With Cyllene, it is possible to create a nearly infinite loop with recycling cards back into the deck turn after turn. To make this combo work, though, there are a couple more cards that will need to be used to make this work!

Pal Pad

Pal Pad

The second piece of the puzzle is the Pal Pad! Supporters are going to be the key to this deck's end game, and it becomes imperative to have the capabilities to recycle as many supporters back into the deck as possible. Pal Pad does just that and will help continue the loop.

Team Yell Cheer

Team Yell's Cheer

Finally, the 3rd and final piece to the puzzle is Team Yell Cheer. Completing the near Infinite Loop cannot be done without this final piece. Team Yell Cheer brings back any Pokemon or supporter (Except Team Yell Cheer) back into the deck. This will allow Cyllene to be used over and over again and paired up with Yell Cheer and Pal Pad, the loop can be performed!

Cook/ Suspicious Food Tin

There are some decks in the Pokemon TCG and Pokemon TCG Online game that can regularly deal over 200 damage. This is where Cook and Suspicious Food Tin come into play! These two cards can be used to wipe away that little bit of extra damage that is being put onto Mewtwo, and then the rest can be washed away with Super Regeneration!


Peonia is a card that has seen relatively little play in the Standard format! Since its release in Chiling Reign, its play has remained sporadic. Where it has found play is in control Pokemon TCG/Online decks. Control/ Stall decks love this card because many of their strategies are initiated with cards that only take up one spot in the deck! Peonia is the safety net that this deck needs to protect itself from losing games to prizing cards that are a part of the loop combo. If any of the Mewtwo V Union pieces or Yell Cheer get prized, it can ruin this deck's strategy. Peonia will allow you to prize certain pieces and still be able to recover just fine! This card is a staple in the deck and will be a game saver!

Tool Jammer

Another important card in this deck is going to be none other than Tool Jammer! With many Pokemon TCG/online decks like Arceus Inteleon and Palkia VSTAR being able to reach the number 230 very easily with cards like Choice Belt (Brilliant Stars), having Tool Jammer (Battle Styles) to nullify that extra damage is a game saver!


Not many people thought that Mewtwo V Union would become such a viable deck in the standard format, but here we are! This is a deck, I fully expect to show its strength at the 2022 Pokemon World Championships, and I would not be surprised to see one in the Top 8! As the metagame begins to progress and new sets come out, I look forward to seeing how this deck continues to evolve. That's all for me today! Make sure to use Code SmartTCG to save 5% off your next order on any PTCGO codes here on the PTCGO Store! Thank you all, as always, for supporting my content, and I hope to speak with you again soon!

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