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Pokemon GO - PTCGL Codes
Pokemon GO - PTCGL Codes

Pokemon GO - PTCGL Codes

Part Number: pokemon-go
在庫数: 在庫 735
特徴: 0298
特徴: 2PG-42RD-RCV-MRN
PTCGLでは、プレイヤーは1種類のパックにつき 400個のコードまで追加できるように制限されています。この制限を超えてコードを追加した場合、パックの代わりにコインが提供されます。


Pokemon GO (Sword & Shield)

このコードはPTCGOおよびPTCGLで使用でするためのものです。Pokemon GOのゲーム内で使用することはできません。

Jump into a clash of worlds featuring familiar Pokemon in real world settings in Pokemon TCG s latest set, Pokemon GO, that is based on the hit mobile game Pokemon GO! There are many fan favorite Pokemon to discover in this set, such as Pikachu [Pokemon GO] and Snorlax [Pokemon GO], and most of them really give a Pokemon GO vibe! That includes the Trainer cards, oftentimes the best cards in the set, are all based on in game Pokemon GO items. There is quite literally a PokeStop [Pokemon GO] Stadium featured in this set that can help you gather Item cards by discarding cards from the top of your deck. There are many powerful Pokemon in this set to discover, such as the shiny version of Blastoise featured in the set as Radiant Blastoise [Pokemon GO]. Its Ability Pump Shot allows you to discard a Water Energy from your hand and put two Damage Counters on one of your opponent s Benched Pokemon! You can reuse that Ability by pairing it with Scoop Up Net [Rebel Clash] to place even more Damage Counters! It can also attack for a hefty 170 damage and can easily be powered up by Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR [Astral Radiance] using its Star Portal VSTAR Power. Other popular Pokemon from Pokemon GO, such as Melmetal VMAX [Pokemon GO], might just make it into your next deck. Its G-Max Juggernaut attack can hit for 160 base damage plus it can scale to 280 damage by attaching a few extra Metal Energy. That strategy would pair nicely with Metal Saucer [Sword and Shield] to get those extra Energy attached and that damage output could even Knock Out the popular Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR [Astral Radiance]. With all of those powerful Pokemon and playful art styles, such as Smeargle trying to steal the show from Bibarel [Pokemon GO], the Pokemon GO TCG is shaping up to be an exciting expansion. If you are a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the mobile game, this set is going to be fantastic for both - pick up some codes today! 

Pokemon GOのPTCGO/PTCGLコードを購入することで、以下のポケモンカードの一部を獲得できる可能性があります→メルメタルV、ミュウツーV、メルメタルVMAX、カイリューVSTAR、かがやくリザードン、かがやくカメックス、かがやくフシギバナなど。

他言語のPokemon GO
  • ヨーロッパ・フランス語:Pokémon GO
  • ドイツ語: Pokémon GO
  • ポルトガル語:Pokémon GO
  • Italian: Pokémon GO
  • スペイン語: Pokémon GO
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