There are multiple steps to take when looking to begin the journey of playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game, but the most important step is to make the decision to play the game. The game is fun for players of all ages, and all skill levels!

The Objective

When playing PTCG your goal is any of the following:
  • Knock out all your opponent’s Pokémon
  • Take all 6 prize cards
  • Exhaust your opponent of any cards to draw.

Now before moving into how to achieve these goals, let us talk about how to build a Pokémon Online deck!

How many cards?

Deck List

To start, an Online deck consists of 60 cards. This will be an assortment of Pokémon, Trainers, and Energy cards that will fill your deck. When picking cards, you cannot use more than 4 of the same card, with the exception of basic energy cards. The most balanced decks all have some sort of synergy to them, though you can pretty much base any deck off of your favorite Pokémon.

Picking the right cards

Rapid Strike Urshifu VRapid Strike Urshifu VMAX

When picking cards to be in your deck whether for in real life (IRL) tournaments or on the Pokémon TCGO, it really boils down to users choice. Every Pokémon, Trainer, or Energy card has multiple ways it can be used in a viable deck. Choosing the cards that best fit your skill level and budget will be the first step. When picking cards, start by choosing the Pokémon you want to base the deck around. What are its abilities? Does it have any evolution cards that work with other cards? For example, using Rapid Strike Urshifu V with its Strafe attack will pair nicely with its VMAX card. Choosing supporter cards for the deck comes next. While you do not have to play supporter cards, it will vastly improve your deck to have cards that work well together and a backup fighter as well. Backup Fighters are cards that you may not center the deck around but can still pack a punch and get damage on your opponent’s Pokémon and win prize cards.

Supporter Pokémon


For Supporter Pokémon you want to choose cards that match well with your main fighters. Continuing with the example of Rapid Strike Urshifu V, you can pair it well with the Rapid Strike Octillery. Supporter Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes. You will also want to have plenty of draw support to help you search out cards and thin your deck to find what you need to win the game. Other great supporter cards are cards Dedenne GX, Crobat V, and many more. You will also need to use a mix of Trainer Cards including tools, supporters, and stadiums when building your deck.

Pokémon Mechanics

Empoleon V Rapid StrikeHoundoom Single Strike

Over the lifetime of the Pokémon TCG, there have been many different types of mechanics that have been used in all the different formats. Everything from Prime Cards, EX, GX, V, and Vmax has been used. The Pokémon recently introduced a new mechanic, both the Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style cards. Doing research into the different battle style mechanics will help improve your gameplay. These gameplay mechanics are ever-changing and can be a good way to spice up the Trading Card Game. When researching the best cards for your decks, remember to always check to see the current mechanics used, as they will play heavily into what cards work best in your deck.

Trainer Cards

Boss OrdersPower Plant

There are different trainer cards to fit every deck, and you can mix and match to find what works best for you. Pokémon Tool cards specifically boost a Pokémon in ways to help you either inflict more damage or resist attacks with more HP. The Pokémon will be knocked out when their hit points reach zero, so it is always best to strengthen your Pokémon to avoid losing a prize. Supporter cards will feature characters from Pokémon and are designed to support your gameplay. Some such as Professors Research will allow you to discard your hand and draw 7 new cards. This can really help when you have no cards that you can play and need to reset your hand. Other trainer cards such as Level Ball can help you search out Pokémon to play that may be deep in your deck. Stadium cards come in many types, most of which help boost Pokémon attacks or add draw support. Learning what cards best pair with your deck is very important when building your deck.

Energy Cards

Water EnergySpiral Energy

There are only two types of energy cards that you can play, Basic and Special. Basic energy is not limited to deck building. You can play as many or as little as you need. Do keep in mind that you can only have 60 cards in a deck so if you use a lot of space for energy, you will lose optimal space for supporter cards. Luckily, Special Energy can offer many ways to enhance your Pokémon, whether providing multiple energy at a time or boosting your attack. You can only play 4 of each special energy, but these energy cards are great assets to your gameplay. For example, the Special Energy Card Lucky Energy will allow you to draw a card if your Pokémon is hit with any attack (even if it is knocked out), and draw support is always helpful when playing your game. Different Energy helps different Pokémon attack. Each Pokémon require specific energy to attack so choosing the correct energy is always important.

These are the basic steps of building a deck, and there are many tutorials and deck lists that can help you choose the right deck for you. We can now talk about the different types of gameplay associated with the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


There are multiple formats that you can play when exploring the world of the Trading Card Game. First off, we have the Standard Format. As the name implies, this format is what is most up-to-date and used in league tournaments. The Standard Format Changes, sometimes twice a year depending on set releases, will have the most up-to-date rules for tournament play.

The next format is Expanded. Expanded has a longer list of cards that can be used in play. This format will allow you to keep cards that you have gotten used to playing while still enjoying the game. The expanded format is not used in legal tournament play and changes based on new set releases as well, just like Standard does.

We also have the Unlimited Format, which as its name suggests, there are almost no cards that cannot be used in this format. This still does not allow for play on some older sets, but you can use sets as far back as Heart Gold/Soul Silver era. It may sound fun to have little to no restrictions on this format, the bittersweet side of this is there is less strategy involved. Players can just gather strong cards that can knock out cards with little to no set up.

You can also play the Themed format, which is the least used format. This format is restricted to only constructed Theme Decks from the Pokémon Company.


Other items that can vastly improve your gameplay with the Pokémon TCG are available to you. Most players who play the game will be required to sleeve their physical Pokémon Cards. Sleeves are a way to protect your code cards and tell them apart from your opponents’ cards. Sleeves come in all shapes and colors. You can use sleeves to customize your deck with a look that is one hundred percent you. You will also need a deck box to carry around your deck, cards, and other accessories. In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, you use damage counter dice to keep track of damage on your Pokémon in play. These come in various colors and are available to buy separately or with items such as the Pokémon Elite Trainer Box. Other helpful items are playmats, calculators, and notepads to help keep track of damage and notes after your battle.

Pokemon TCG Online Code Cards

Every trading card item you receive from the Pokémon Company will include a code for the PTCGO. Anything from Booster Packs to Elite Trainer Boxes or Tool Kits will include codes to help you build your arsenal of cards, sleeves, and coins on the online game. Pokeon Codes are also available to buy from amazing retailers like us here at PTCGO Store. Code cards can be redeemed on the Online Game.

Playing the Game


Now that you have the basics down, you can start playing the game. Once you have constructed a deck it is always a good idea to start by practicing with your deck.

Once you have practiced playing the game and know how the mechanics of your deck work, you can then move to play against other competitors. In the Pokemon TCG Online, there are ladders you can climb to claim prizes and more. You can also enter players' cups to compete with other players around the globe.

Also constructing your deck in a physical form will allow you to enter tournaments at local game stores and local trading card game leagues. Competing in these leagues can lead to competing in the Pokémon World Championship.

The Game is played by two players. Each player shuffles their decks and they are allowed to shuffle the other player's deck. Once shuffled, players draw 7 cards to start the game. If you do not have a basic Pokémon in your hand, you will need to reshuffle your deck and draw 7 more cards. Repeat until you have a basic Pokémon. For every time you must redraw the other player will be allowed to draw one additional card. Players will select a basic Pokémon to start the game as well as 6 prize cards. You will then battle each other and try to knock out the opposing player's Pokémon by reducing their hit points to zero. The match is over when either player is out of Pokémon, out of prize cards, or runs out of cards in their deck to draw.



Practice makes perfect. Mastery of the game is not something that can happen overnight. Take time to practice online, in local game tournaments, and with friends and family. One player’s strategy does not work for every player. The more you practice with your deck, learn its mechanics, and get comfortable playing, the more you develop your style and work towards becoming the very best like no one ever was.


The game is for all players of all skill levels and is a fun way to learn gameplay with friends and family. You can also use it to teach math skills to younger players and socialize with friends as your trade to get your favorite Pokémon TCG Online Code Cards. Using online game in this way helps to learn and build a better strategy. Pokémon players around the world are excited for the game to continue to evolve and offer new and exciting mechanics as time progresses. There is nothing standing in the way of your journey into the world of the game. Pick up PTCGO codes to start your deck-building adventure. And remember Gotta Catch Em All!