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Chilling Reign - PTCGL Codes
Chilling Reign - PTCGL Codes

Chilling Reign - PTCGL Codes

品番 chilling-reign
在庫数: 在庫 1792
特徴: 997
PTCGLでは、プレイヤーは1種類のパックにつき 400個のコードまで追加できるように制限されています。この制限を超えてコードを追加した場合、パックの代わりにコインが提供されます。


Chilling Reign (Sword & Shield) 

Sword & Shield Chilling Reign stampedes its way onto the Pokemon TCG Live Scene with incredibly strong new Pokemon VMAX, Trainer cards, Rapid Strike, and Single Strike cards! Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX is the star of the show in this set. It s Underworld Door ability, provides both card draw and energy acceleration, and Max Geist can hit for a lot of damage! In a meta filled with V and VMAX Pokemon, Galaraian Zapdos V is sure to shine! It s Fighting Instinct ability makes its attack cost less energy for each Pokemon V your opponent has in play. Oh, and it s also a Fighting Type, which is very good in this meta filled with Fighting weak Pokemon. Zeraora V has a lot of potential in any Rapid Strike deck, since it s Cross Fist attack deals extra damage to your opponent's benched Pokemon, if one of your Rapid Strike Pokemon attacked during your last turn.

By buying Chilling Reign Pokemon Code you could get some of the following cards: Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX, Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX, Galarian Zapdos V, Galarian Moltres V, Galarian Articuno V, Celebi VMAX, Blaziken VMAX, Volcanion V, Zeraora V, Sandaconda VMAX, Galarian Slowking VMAX, Liepard V, Metagross VMAX, Blissey V, Tornadus VMAX, Agatha, Avery, Brawly, Caitlin, Doctor, Echoing Horn, Flannery, Fog Crystal, Honey, Karen s Conviction, Klara, Melony, Path to the Peak, Peonia, Peony, Siebold, and more!

多言語のChilling Reign
  • 日本語:  白銀のランス & 漆黒のガイスト
  • fフランス語(欧州): Règne de Glace
  • ドイツ語 Schaurige Herrschaft
  • イタリア語: Regno Glaciale
  • ポルトガル語(ブラジル): Reinado Arrepiante
  • スペイン語: Reinado Escalofriante
  • 中国語(広東語): Ngàhnbaahk Jincheung, Chathak Yauwàhn
  • 中国語(標準語): Yínbái Zhànqiang, Qihei Youhún
  • Thai: Hok Himakhao Phut Thamin
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