The first few weeks of Battle Styleshave been very inventive, with players bringing their finest deck creations (some good and some bad) to the table. We’ve seen some of the most diverse top cuts in a while, with decks ranging from Corviknight VMAX to Urshifu Rapid Strike/Dragapult VMAX. It seems like there is a little bit more experimentation going on since there are so many new tools to build with, so in other words, the format is a deck builder’s paradise! Those who are opting to play consistent decks have been rewarded as of late, as it seems streamlined VMAX Pokemon are taking over standard format right now, namely, Victini VMAX. Winning the first online tournament of Battle Styles, Victini VMAX showed its strength by being able to gun down V Pokemon and OHKO them with ease before they can evolve into their much higher HP counterparts. Victini VMAX is also very simple to play, and it takes as much energy as Eternatus takes to attack, so the decks are very similar in they play out. Efficiency and consistency are two of the keywords we’ll be discussing a lot today, so let’s get into one of Standard's most underrated decks in the format, Victini VMAX!

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Deck List

Pokémon - 16 
1 Cramorant V SSH 198
2 Crobat V DAA 104
1 Heatran-GX UNM 25
4 Victini V SSH 25
3 Victini VMAX BST 22
1 Eldegoss V RCL 176
2 Dedenne-GX UNB 57
1 Mew UNB 76 

Trainer Cards - 32 
4 Boss's Orders RCL 154 
4 Pokémon Communication TEU 152
4 Pokégear 3.0 SSH 174
3 Giant Hearth UNM 197
2 Professor's Research SSH 178
4 Welder UNB 189
4 Quick Ball SSH 179 
2 Escape Rope PLS 120
2 Air Balloon SSH 156 
3 SwitchSSH 183

Energy - 12 
12 Fire Energy Energy 2

Total Cards – 60


The whole point of this deck is to take as many cheap Prize Cards as possible in as short of a time as we can. Our game plan is very similar to ADP, where we will gust up very easy targets and knock them out, but with an attacker similar to Eternatus VMAX, we will be attacking for two energy. Efficiency is the name of the game with Victini VMAX, where we can attack V Pokemon for 220 damage (which is excellent considering there are more and more V’s coming into the format with each set being released). When Tag Team Pokemon rotate, I expect Victini will dominate, but for now, our existence's bane tends to be anything that isn’t a V Pokemon.
That’s where our other attackers come in – Reshizard, Cramorant V, and Heatran GX aim to pick up the slack where Victini VMAX can’t. Our game plan is to abuse amazing Supporters like Welder and Boss’s Orders to be the most aggressive deck in the format and have very bulky Pokemon that can take hits. Let’s chat about some of the cards this deck plays and the reasons why we play them.

Key Cards

Victini VMAX

3 Victini VMAX – The show's main star, this Pokemon, is one of the strongest VMAXs to be printed to date! For two energy cards, we can hit for 100 damage, or 220 damage if your opponent’s active Pokemon is a V! This is an amazing attack because it is possible to use quickly without the reliance on Welder – this is the first Fire deck that hasn’t needed the crutch of that Supporter, and it can be powered up manually. This attack can really clean up any Pokemon V, including Crobat V, Urshifu V, Zacian V, and many other common attackers. Victini tends to struggle against Tag Team Pokemon since we really cap out at 100 damage against those. However, that’s why we play a few various attackers to help us deal with that (but we’ll get into that later). 310 HP is a little low on a VMAX, but we should be able to take two hits from anything that isn’t a Water-type. One retreat cost is fairly typical for such a light Pokemon, allowing us to be agile in switching out our attackers. The first attack, Spreading Flames, does a great job when we’re running low on energy cards in the deck. It can also help us to power up for Heatran’s Hot Burn or Reshizard’s Double Blaze.

Victini V

4 Victini V – I wanted to touch on the V because it is one of the strongest V Pokemon printed in terms of its attacking abilities. First of all, Victini V also has the Energy Burst attack, which means we don’t need the VMAX all the time to KO our opponent’s Pokemon. That, and if we ever play against a Pokemon that abuses a ton of energy (Lapras VMAX, for example), we can hit them for a TON of damage. Also, Victini V is packing the Spreading Flames attack (the same one as the VMAX), so having the option to accelerate a ton of energy going second is quite nice as well. 190 HP puts us out of harm's way against an ADP using Ultimate Ray post-Altered Creation as well.

Reshiram and Charizard Gx

1 Reshiram and Charizard Tag Team GX (Reshizard)Reshizard is a very important card in our deck because it allows us to be very aggressive on the first turn of the game going second. Double Blaze GX being able to hit for 200 damage on the first turn with the help of Welder is a play that is often unparalleled. However, it does have the drawback of using up your GX attack for the entirety of the game. Sometimes you need to be able to hit on the first turn, though, to keep pace in a close matchup, so that’s what this guy’s in here for. Bonus: the GX attack can actually cut through a Decidueye’s Deep Forest Camo ability. However, you’ll need a full six energy cards to utilize the full effect.

Heatran Gx

1 Heatran-GX – This is a Pokemon that has found its way in and out of Fire-type decks, but lately, it has been included in Victini decks due to the main attacker being able to accelerate so much energy. Burning Road, in combination with Hot Burn GX, means that you can virtually OHKO any VMAX with enough energy cards and can help you close out the game or get key KOs. Heatran really balances out your deck against Tag Team Pokemon because Victini struggles to put up damage against those decks.

Cramorant V

1 Cramorant VCramorant V can be the cheekiest closer of all time by being able to Spit Shot a Dedenne-GX for the final two Prize Cards. Playing into our deck’s theme of taking cheap Prize Cards, Cramorant fits right in and can abuse Welder quite easily. Beak Catch can be a solid way to search out cards if you’re starting off really slow as well. Due to the prominence of Mew, this may be cut in the future, but for now, it’s been doing quite well on the list.


1 Mew – This can help us against matchups where they play Cramorant V or the newly released Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX.

Eldegoss V

1 Eldegoss V – I’ve always been a big fan of one or two Eldegoss V in Welder decks, and this is no exception. Eldegoss is great for these types of decks. They traditionally play a very low/non-existent count of draw Supporters besides Welder because they only want to play Welder turn after turn. This is usually the case, however much like ADP, we primarily use Eldegoss V as a way to fetch Boss’ Orders from the discard. Boss is usually a quick way to take cheap Prize Cards, so use them to chase down Pokemon before they evolve into a VMAX.

4 Giant Hearth – Since we lost Fiery Flint in the rotation, the best card possible to find Fire Energy in our deck is Giant Hearth. This card has amazing synergy with Welder and allows us to not only thin our deck of Fire Energy but also thin cards out of our hands for when we get Reset Stamps or Marnie's. This is also a Stadium that usually only benefits one side of the field.

4 Pokegear – Since we don’t play any Jirachi TEU, we don’t have access to Stellar Wish to find key Supporters, which means we need to play Pokegear. Pokegear can help us find cards such as Welder, Boss’ Orders, or even Professor's Research in a pinch without us having to include many switch cards (as a Jirachi engine would usually play).

2 Escape RopeEscape Rope can punish our opponent in the early game or the late game depending on how many options they have to send upon their bench. Not only does it allow us to pivot, but it also forces our opponent to switch their activity to the bench, which is usually an unfavorable choice for them. Escape Rope can function as a “Boss’ Orders” in the form of an Item card when timed right, but at the bare minimum, it will function as a switching card for yourself. We play this card to be more aggressive in getting V Pokemon into the active.


I’m sure you’re already running to your computer and loading up your PTCGO Codes as we speak, so I’ll let you hop to it. Victini VMAX will be one of the stronger decks going forward into BAS (and it could get really strong due to future threats being weak to Fire-types), so you might need some more Pokemon Online codes to build this deck. This deck will cost quite a few packs considering the set just dropped, so why not consider getting your PTCGO codes from our website?

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