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Wow, this set sounds exciting! Amongst the new cards that we’ll be seeing, Rotom VSTAR is one of the strongest. Let’s hop into this brand new deck coming out of Pokémon’s newest TCG expansion, Crown Zenith!

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Rotom VSTAR Deck Strategy

The main strategy of this deck is to throw a bunch of Pokémon Tools onto your Pokémon and then use Rotom VSTAR to deal massive amounts of damage! If you aren’t scoring an OHKO, that means you aren’t doing it right. Use the unique Pokémon Tools in this deck to leverage advantage against your opponent, whether that be Sky Seal Stone or perhaps even a well-timed Big Parasol. We want to use Oranguru V to search out our Tool cards, and simultaneously trade efficiently with our Pokémon VSTAR. If we aren’t OHKOing the opponent, then we aren’t doing a good enough job! Our Rotom VSTARs have relatively low HP so you need to ensure that when you hit the opponent, you’re doing enough damage. The most important tool in our deck to get down is Exp. Share because it will allow us to chain attacks back to back. Otherwise, we don’t really have enough resources in our deck to attack continuously because we don’t play energy acceleration outside of Exp. Share.

Deck List

Pokemon - 11 
3 Rotom VSTAR
1 Oranguru V ASR 133
1 Diancie ASR 68
4 Rotom V LOR 58
2 Crobat V DAA 104

Trainer - 40
4 Exp. Share SUM 118
4 Air Balloon SSH 156 
4 Big Charm SSH 158
4 Tool Box LOR 168
2 Serena SIT 164
2 Sky Seal Stone CRZ 143
4 Ultra Ball CRZ 146
1 Boss's Orders RCL 154
4 Big Parasol DAA 157
4 Professor's Research (Professor Magnolia) CPA 62
3 Shopping Center EVS 157
4 Quick Ball FST 237

Energy - 9 
5 Lightning Energy 4
4 Speed Lightning Energy RCL 173


Key TCG Cards

3 Rotom VSTAR - This 250HP Pokémon isn’t very bulky. However, what it lacks in HP, it makes up for by having a very potent attack. Pokémon’s official website had this to say about the lightning phantom:

For a Pokémon that appears to be rushing into action, Rotom VSTAR is looking awfully concerned. The poor thing really has no reason to worry, though. With a respectable 250 HP, it’s tough, and its Scrap Pulse attack, which does 80 damage plus an additional 40 damage for every Pokémon Tool card you move from your discard pile into the Lost Zone, can cause a lot of trouble for your opponent with the proper setup. Rotom VSTAR even has a VSTAR Power that could prove useful if you need to refresh your hand: the Conversion Star Ability lets you discard any number of cards from your hand and draw an equal number. Cheer up, Rotom—we appreciate you!”

This Lightning Pokemon can use Scrappy Pulse, an attack that deals 80 + 40 damage for each Pokemon Tool that you put in the Lost Zone. Considering how many Tools we play in our deck, this can be quite a lot of damage! Not to mention that these Tools allow us to do unique things that many decks wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do because they don’t play these fringe cards (I.e. play a Big Charm down to get +30 HP). Rotom VSTAR’s goal is extremely simple and easy to follow (and execute): Wipe out any Pokemon in your path with relative ease! Rotom VSTAR’s ability isn’t the strongest in the world - however, it can help you draw out of a cruddy hand and help get you where you need to go. That being said, we’ll be using Sky Seal Stone’s ability the majority of the time, so this shouldn’t matter much.

4 Rotom V - I like this Pokémon V a lot because it has a ton of similarities to the VSTAR. In a hypothetical where we are unable to draw into a VSTAR, Rotom V can hold its own by having a similar attack to its superior. We play four Rotom V because we need access to two of them in the early stage of the game to ensure we can get a VSTAR out on the second turn of the game. If we only have one of these Pokémon in play, then the opponent can take advantage of us by KOing our only Rotom V in play (effectively setting us back a turn and a couple of Prize Cards).

2 Crobat V - One of the strongest draw effects in the game is found in Crobat V. You can use its Dark Asset ability, which lets you draw cards up to six times, by placing it on your bench. This is a useful ability that is actually more potent than certain draw supporters, which you can use only once per turn. You can find your basic Pokemon in a variety of methods, thus Crobat V should always be available to you. Even if its attack isn't particularly impressive, the fact that it can draw up to six cards for free makes it a fantastic card.

1 Diancie - This part is very cool; by sending up Diancie, your opponent won’t be able to play Boss’s Orders to bring up your Rotom V on the bench because of this Pokemon’s unique Princess’s Curtains ability. This means that your opponent won’t be able to take a two Prize Card KO, which is excellent for your Prize Exchange. We use this Pokémon exclusively for its ability! After the first turns of the game, this card really isn’t too useful.

4 Exp. Share - A tool card that contributes to Rotom VSTAR’s attack. Exp. Share is very key because it can allow us to chain attack after attack by preserving energy attachments. Our active Rotom gets KO’d by an opponent? We can move that energy off of the KO’d Pokémon and move it to a benched attacker (in our case, it’s generally going to be another Rotom). Exp. Share can be foiled by cards like Lost Vacuum. However, if you have two Rotom on your bench, each with its own Exp. Share, and you can play around any disruptive cards your opponent may have.

4 Air Balloon - A tool card that contributes to Rotom VSTAR’s attack. Air Balloon is not only very accessible via Tool Box and Oranguru V, but it also allows for very easy mobility when retreating. Air Balloon works great on Oranguru and Diancie because it can turn them into excellent pivots after your opponent takes a KO.

4 Big Charm - A tool card that contributes to Rotom VSTAR’s attack. This trinket adds a solid +30HP to Rotom’s lesser HP - we only have 250HP with the VSTAR, so Big Charm can put us out of range of some otherwise very intimidating attacks! Big Charm is a very situational yet strong Pokémon Tool in the format and can save you in some interesting positions.

2 Sky Seal Stone - A tool card that contributes to Rotom VSTAR’s attack. This is one of the best cards that have synergies with Rotom in the deck, and for a good reason - it can help us draw extra Prize Cards! This cheap trick is one of the main reasons this deck is so strong - it can abuse this tool in order to weasel our way out of some interesting prize exchanges. Sky Seal Stone does give us another VSTAR Power, which is also really cool, and it can’t be blocked by Path to the Peak. Fun fact: this tool card doesn’t even need to be attached to the attacking Pokémon to be used - the VSTAR Power can be used on the bench! Don’t forget - you can’t use Rotom’s Conversion Star ability and Sky Seal Stone’s ability in the same game.

4 Big Parasol - A tool card that contributes to Rotom VSTAR’s attack. Any deck that has strong effects (I.e Lugia VSTAR decks that play Yveltal) will have a hard time going up against multiple Parasols. Sableye’s Lost Mine attack will also have a difficult time against numerous amounts of Pokémon with Parasol attached as well. Gotta love those umbrellas!

4 Ultra Ball - Simply go get what you need, but at a cost. Ultra Ball is strong, but you do give up a lot to make it work. Despite that, there's a reason players use it. The ability to get exactly the Pokémon you need is often worth a big cost (TCGPlayer, 2022).

4 Quick Ball - In addition to being a fantastic card in and of itself, Quick Ball also has a lot of synergy with other deck types (discarding abilities/deck -> bench abilities) that makes it very valuable in a variety of circumstances. It is especially advantageous for cards like Crobat V.

2 Serena - Serena is a great new Trainer to add to the lineup, given the format’s V-heavy lean. You can choose whichever of her two abilities is more useful in any given circumstance. It functions as a Boss's Orders and enables you to swap their active Pokemon to a card of your choice from their bench if you are being bombarded by an opponent's V. However, in contrast to Boss' Orders, if you draw Serena too soon for it to use as a gust card, you can choose to utilise the other option and discard up to three cards before drawing till you have five cards in your hand. All the strength of Boss's Orders, with the added benefit of the ability to modify a starting hand before the game begins, is a massive asset to any deck!


This deck, updated with cards from Crown Zenith, packs a punch and can really put our opponent in a bad position fast. If you like hard-hitting decks that can OHKO anything, then I highly urge you to try out this deck - it can overwhelm your opponent, and then when they least expect it take a big KO out of nowhere. This deck requires a decent bit of new stuff from the newest expansion, so you should check out our shop for your PTCG Live code needs. I’d suggest nabbing some PTCG Live codes and building this deck online because this deck seems like it will stick around for a while. Until next time, have fun!

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