What is going on, Pokémon trainers? I’m happy to be back here with yet another article for you, this time about one of the newest cards from the upcoming expansion. I am very excited about this new expansion because it offers so many opportunities to players both new and old. It doesn’t happen often when a new expansion excites me however Brilliant Stars is a very refreshing set of cards that could really change the state of the Pokémon trading card game as we know it. After putting a lot of thought into it I think that I’ll know the best decks that will reign in our upcoming format. The first set of tournaments that we will get to see utilize this expansion would be the Team Challenge series, which is coming up in the next few weeks. The expansion drops in late February, and I expect players to bring forth their best ideas to the table very soon. Shintaro Ito, one of the best players to come out of Japan, actually brought up a fantastic combination of cards that will soon be released. Full disclosure: I would like to credit him for this idea, not that it is very original however I haven’t seen it anywhere else, and it seems to be very consistent. That being said let’s chat about a very cool concept that will easily be one of the most consistent concepts in the format, Arceus STAR with Inteleon!

I booted up my Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app, loaded up some PTCGO codes, and then traded those Pokemon online codes to trade for this deck. I was very excited, and it honestly didn’t take that many PTCGL codes to make the deck. If you’re looking to buy some codes, we sell them here on PTCGO Store, and I highly urge you to check out our competitive pricing and swift delivery! Let’s talk about the newest way to play Arceus VSTAR!


Arceus VSTAR

The main strategy of this deck is very simple, however, it should be set up pretty much every time that you go to use it: you basically want to make sure you get an energy attachment onto your attacker on the first turn of the game and then from there on you are attacking for damage every single turn thereafter. Arceus VSTAR isn’t that good at OHKOing Pokemon - if you’re into that, then this deck isn’t for you. Arceus rather prides itself on being able to attach energy cards, accelerate further attackers, and search out cards you need at the perfect moment. It may very well be the best card ever printed in the history of the game! That’s where Inteleon comes in: Inteleon smooths any sort of bumps in the road that you may have and helps you to remain consistent in the turns following your VSTAR Power, which you can only use once a game. Inteleon also helps you to preserve this VSTAR ability for later on in the game - it also is unpreventable by your opponent playing down a copy of Path to the Peak. This deck has loads of space to play with tons of options: do I think the initial decklist is perfect? No. Do I think it’s an amazing start? Yes. Let’s check out the decklist for this “godly” archetype!

Deck List

Pokémon - 19 

4 Arceus V BRS 122
3 Arceus VSTAR BRS 123
4 Sobble CRE 41
4 Drizzile SSH 56
1 Inteleon SSH 58
2 Inteleon CRE 43

Trainer Cards - 30 

2 Scoop Up Net RCL 165 
2 Professor's Research SSH 178
1 Marnie SSH 200 
1 Cheren's Care BRS 134
1 Ultra Ball DEX 102
1 Capacious Bucket RCL 156
2 Path to the Peak CRE 148
1 Echoing Horn CRE 136
1 Escape Rope PLS 120
2 Melony CRE 146
2 Choice Belt BRS 135
4 Boss's Orders RCL 154
3 Level Ball BST 129 
4 Quick Ball FST 237
3 Evolution Incense SSH 163 

Energy - 11 

2 Capture Energy RCL 171
4 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151
5 Water Energy Energy 3

Total Cards - 60

Arceus VSTAR Inteleon decklist

Key TCG Cards

Arceus VSTAR

3 Arceus VSTAR - Arguably one of the best attackers in the entire set, and probably the best VSTAR released from the set, Arceus VSTAR is inherently powerful because of how it can use Double Turbo Energy so well, and how easy it is to setup. This 280HP monster only gives up two Prize Cards, which is partially what makes it so strong. His only attack, Trinity Nova accelerates so much energy in play that it can be difficult to keep up with this powerhouse. 200 damage is enough to 2HKO VMAX Pokemon, even with the -20 damage negation on Double Turbo Energy. Starbirth is also a crazy ability, even though you can only use it once a game. Being able to search for any two cards is probably in the top five abilities printed of all time, and it’s very balanced. This card is amazing because of how consistent it is - you could have a completely dead start, and then Star Birth to search out a Double Turbo Energy and a Melony in order to start swinging on that same turn. It has a weakness to Fighting-type (which is very strong right now due to Rapid Strike Urshifu) however I’m hoping that the new Bench Barrier Manaphy from Brilliant Stars will deafen the amount of Urshifu at top tables. Likewise, the release of Double Turbo only strengthens Mew VMAX as well as other Psychic attackers; this should be enough to keep strong Fighting-type decks at bay.

4 Arceus V - Most of the time I dislike many Basic V Pokémon because they are quite underwhelming, however, this Arceus V’s first attack can accelerate energy very efficiently and can dish out decent damage with the second attack. It can utilize Double Turbo quite efficiently and can be used in a pinch. Very pleased to see this card actually have utility as opposed to some Pokémon V that we’ve seen printed.

Choice Belt

2 Choice Belt - This card is immaculate in this deck because it can help offset the damage nerf from Double Turbo Energy. Against a Pokémon V, you’ll need sometimes 220 damage to OHKO them, so that’s where Choice Belt math comes in often. Arceus VSTAR hits 200 damage base, minus 20 damage from Double Turbo, plus 30 damage from Choice Belt, and then 10 additional damage from a Zigzagoon ping OR an Inteleon ping. This card will help to speed up the process of getting KOs, especially if your opponent plays any weird healing cards (or if you need to KO a Pokémon V with an HP buff such as Cape of Toughness).

2 Scoop Up Net - Very useful switching cards that can help you pivot between Inteleon, while also providing you the utility to hit higher numbers with Zigzagoon. Scoop Up Net is a staple in any deck that plays Inteleon!

1 Capacious Bucket - The most efficient way to search Water Energy out of the deck. Has fantastic synergy with Melony, and can ensure energy attachments for multiple turns.


2 Melony - A wonderful Supporter that can allow you to power up an Arceus VSTAR in a single turn! It is also a nice way to draw three cards without having to discard your hand or shuffle it back into the deck.

1 Cheren���s Care - This is one of the coolest Supporter cards to come out of the newest expansion! It allows you to pick up any Colourless Pokémon that has at least one damage counter on it; this is very reminiscent of Acerola from the expanded format, however, it’s interested because it is only limited to one type. Much like how Cheryl is played within Jolteon decks, we play Cheren in here to reset our Arceus VSTAR and stall our opponent back an additional turn of attacking. This card is great as a surprise factor and can help you to come back from behind.


1 Marnie - An efficient way to shuffle our opponent’s hand in an effort to disrupt them. It can also help to set us up in the early game.

4 Boss’ Orders - Since we can’t really KO any VMAX Pokémon, we want to ensure we can target them whenever we please to finish them off. I think four copies of this card is a staple in Arceus decks!

Path to the Peak

4 Path to the Peak - I’ve included two copies of Path to the Peak in this deck in an effort to get around annoying abilities like Dark Signal on Umbreon VMAX or perhaps to shutoff the occasional Crobat V. With Brilliant Stars being released, we can also shut off opposing Arceus VSTARs. Our main attacker’s ability can be blocked off by our own Path, so why play this card? We’ll let me tell you! Since you can only use VSTAR Powers once a game, our ability is useless afterward. This means we effectively have no more Rule Box abilities to use, and we can begin to disrupt our opponent! This card can shut off Mew VMAX in its tracks because they rely so much on Genesect V’s ability. Many Mew lists are cutting a few Stadium cards from their lists (or in some cases all Stadiums altogether), meaning sometimes your first Path to the Peak might stick for the whole game! If not, you have one more to try and lock your opponent out of the game.


This deck is one of the most consistent pokemon online decks to ever be created, and should setup without any problems at all. Each Pokémon in this deck is designed to help you to search for cards within your deck, and attach extra energy cards to your Pokémon. If you like flexibility with Trainer cards each turn and the ability to lock your opponent out of games with the Path to the Peak then I highly urge you to try out this deck. This deck requires a decent bit of stuff from different Standard expansions (as well as the new Brilliant Stars expansion), so you should check out our shop for your PTCGL codes. I’d suggest nabbing some PTCGO codes and building this deck online because this deck seems like it will stick around for a while - it could even be a good choice for the Team Challenge event coming up. Until next time, have fun!

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