Hey everyone! Gabriel Smart is back with another article! I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season, and I am excited to be writing for PTCGO Store again! Today, we are going to be going over the clear-cut best deck in the format! About a month ago I wrote an article on Mew VMAX, but the deck has changed so much that I think it is something that we need to discuss once more! If you are looking for any cards in this article, PTCGO Store has some of the best prices of PTCGO codes on the market for your Pokemon Trading Card Game Online needs!



Mew VMAX has been on one of the most dominant runs I have ever seen a Pokemon Trading Card Game deck have in my years of experience of playing. It seemingly is winning every single major online event, no matter how many people are trying to counter it. I think a lot of people have questions about why it is so good! Let's get into some of the main reasons!

1. Consistency

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of any card game! To be able to achieve your strategy at a high enough percentage point is what separates a good deck, and a great deck! Mew VMAX simply has all the tools to be one of the most consistent decks of all time. It has cards like Genesect V (Fusion Strike) which allows us to see a maximum of 24 cards a turn if all four are in play. Along with Genesect, it has cards like Battle VIP Pass (Fusion Strike), RotomPhone (Champions Path), Cram-O-Matic (Fusion Strike), and much more that allows us to purge our hand size, and maximize our draw power with Genesect V’s Fusion Strike System ability!

2. Synergy

Every top-tier deck needs synergy, and this deck truly is the personification of that definition. Seemingly every single card in this deck flows well into its other cards. The strategy of this deck is to reduce your hand size with burnable cards like Rotom Phone, Cram-O-Matic, Quick Ball (Sword and Shield), Fog Crystal (Chilling Reign), Great Ball (Sword and Shield). All of these cards aid in the general consistency of the deck and allow us to draw even more cards with Fusion Strike System. In the past, this deck ran cards like Peony (Chilling Reign), and Marnie (Sword and Shield), but these cards oftentimes obstructed our hand size and greatly reduced the amount of cards we were able to draw with the Fusion Strike System. How players have chosen to build the deck now, has been to greatly reduce the supporter count, while greatly increasing the item count, which has led to Mew VMAX having a much higher win rate than it did before.

3. Speed

The propensity of a deck to be able to achieve a win condition more rapidly than the opponent is one of the clear indicators of a deck's ability to succeed consistently in Pokemon! One of Mew VMAX’s ever so minor weaknesses was its success rate, (like most other decks) would drop significantly if the deck was forced to go second compared to going first. Over the past month, people have worked to make the deck as aggressive as possible, and I believe that is the most optimal way to unlock this deck's true potential. After some time, the Pokemon Community began including Meloetta (Fusion Strike). This card was the answer to our problems. Paired up with Elesa’s Sparkle and Fusion Strike Energy (Fusion Strike), the deck is now able to attack turn one for over 200 damage! Meloetta solves the going second predicament because now we are able to take multiple prizes on the first turn, which will immediately swing the prize trade in our favor. Even many pokemon online decks that were built to counter Mew like Gengar VMAX (Fusion Strike), and Single Strike Urshifu VMAX (Battle Styles) with Umbreon VMAX (Evolving Skies) can crumble to a turn 1 Meloetta. Once we began seeing Meloetta being added into this deck, its speed factor went through the roof. Now, this deck can go first, and has its natural advantage of being able to take prizes first against anything that is not the mirror match, and now has the capability to take multiple prizes to turn going second as well!

4. Power

Oftentimes, decks that are incredibly linear, have multiple flaws that hurt the deck's success rate. Decks like Victini VMAX (Battle Styles), Zacian V (Sword and Shield), GengarVMAX (Fusion Strike) all are strong in the damage they output but struggle at times due to them not having many options. Victini has next to no answer to Water Type pokemon, Zacian V really struggles against decks that can one-shot them, and Gengar VMAX has next to no answer to Fighting Type Pokemon. Mew VMAX, although not having many attacking options, and its strategy remaining incredibly consistent does not have these problems. You may be thinking that Mew VMAX has a similar problem due to its weakness being Dark-type, and Dark Pokemon has seen a huge boost in popularity in recent months. However this may be, Mew VMAX’s tempo that it controls over the game is otherworldly. Mews aggression early over decks like Gengar and Umbreon, paired up with its strength to one-shot these huge VMAX’s with Power Tablet (Fusion Strike) often lead to this deck taking such huge leads, that the opponent, despite having type advantage, is not able to come back. Mew VMAX’s damage scales from a respectable 210, all the way to over 300 damage! Paired up with the deck's incredible speed, its power to one-shot anything, it can defeat any deck, no matter how prepared they are.

5. Metagame

For any deck to be successful, the metagame has to be favorable for it. For a deck to become as dominating as Mew VMAX, the metagame needs to align just the right way, for a deck to truly reach its full potential The past couple of weeks, the metagame has aligned in a way that the deck has next to no answers to beat it. A deck like Rapid Strike Malamar (Chilling Reign) despite having a favorable Mew matchup, crumbles heavily to popular spread decks like Jolteon VMAX (Evolving Skies), and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (Battle Styles). Along with this, Single Strike decks, which on paper should have a favorable matchup against Mew, has many contenders that it struggles with like Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, and Suicune V (Evolving Skies) decks. On top of this Single Strike, decks have inherent consistency problems, and don't even beat Mew VMAX consistently enough to be considered a major threat to Mews dominance! As of right now, all of the stars have aligned for Mew. Maybe, in a couple of weeks, people figure out how to drag Mew back down to mortality, but as of right now, it is flying in the stars untouched.

The List

Pokémon - 13 
4 Genesect V FST 255
2 Meloetta FST 124
4 Mew V FST 251
3 Mew VMAX FST 269

Trainer Cards - 41 

4 Great Ball BCR 129
4 Fog Crystal CRE 227 
3 Boss's Orders RCL 200 
2 Training Court RCL 169 
3 Rotom Phone CPA 64
3 Switch SUM 160
1 Old Cemetery CRE 147
1 Tool Scrapper RCL 208
4 Battle VIP Pass FST 225
4 Power Tablet FST 281
4 Quick Ball SSH 216 
4 Elesa's Sparkle FST 233
4 Cram-o-matic FST 229

Energy - 6 

2 Psychic Energy SWSHEnergy 5 
4 Fusion Strike Energy FST 244

Total Cards - 60

Mew VMAX decklist

Here is the list that I have currently constructed. I am not going to go into too much detail on the decklist, as I have already explained so much of it above, but this is where I sit on card counts.

Key TCG Cards

Elesa’s Sparkle/Boss’s Orders

Elesa's Sparkle

The only way this deck does not achieve its main strategy is by not finding Elesa’s Sparkle! I have chosen to flex that count to four, and have reduced the Boss’s Orders count because this deck's biggest struggle is clumping unplayable cards into your hand. Although Boss is technically a playable card, early game, Elesa’s is the supporter of choice, and drawing into Boss’s Orders early can drastically affect your ability to draw enough cards in the early game to achieve your strategy.

Battle VIP Pass

Battle VIP Pass

Battle VIP Pass has been a pretty controversial card in Pokemon recently. Although incredibly powerful turn 1, it being completely unplayable after the first turn of the game, does have its disadvantages. Although it does have a major downside, it can be easily discarded with cards like Quick Ball and Cram-O-Matic, and its use on turn 1 of the game is so incredibly powerful, I have decided to keep the four of count in the deck.

Training Court

Training Court

One of the biggest qualities in creating a good decklist is making the most out of every card in the deck. Mew VMAX needs at least3 stadiums, and many players decide to play multiple Old Cemetery (Chilling Reign), Rose Tower (Darkness Ablaze), and more stadiums that, although powerful, do not aid the deck as well as some Court. Training Court provides a counter stadium to Path to the Peak, and on top of that, it allows us to get back our Psychic Energy! Since we play Training Court, we are able to cut down our Psychic energy count from 3-4, all the way down to two, because Court provides two Pseudo energy.


These are my current thoughts on Mew VMAX! I know this article was formatted a little bit differently, but I hope you enjoyed the new style that I chose to write this article in! Mew is one of the most dominating pokemon online decks that we have seen in the past decade, and I am excited to see if it is able to keep its incredible run of dominance alive over the next year! If you want to try this deck out yourself, make sure to head over to PTCGO Store to pick up some PTCGO codes you need to build this deck! Thank you everyone for reading my most recent article, and I hope to speak with you again soon.

About the Author

Gabriel Smart is a contributing article writer for PTCGO Store. Gabriel currently resides in the Sacramento, California area and has been playing the game casually since 2010 and competitively since 2018. He streams on Twitch under the name GabrielSmartTCG, creates competitive Pokemon content on Youtube under the name SmartTCG, and posts about his tournaments results and life on Twitter @SmartTCG. Outside the game, he is a huge baseball and basketball fan and loves everything to do with athletics