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Unbroken Bonds - PTCGL Codes
Unbroken Bonds - PTCGL Codes

Unbroken Bonds - PTCGL Codes

Part Number: unbroken-bonds-ptcgl
Availability: 163 codes in stock
Feature: 3000
Feature: 7ZC-PV2H-ZC6-RWN
In PTCG Live, players are limited to redeeming up to 400 booster pack codes per set. Any additional codes beyond this limit will provide COINS instead of packs. 


Unbroken Bonds (Sun & Moon) 

Unbroken Bonds is a great Pokemon TCGL set because it contains the fire-breathing Tag Team duo, Reshiram & Charizard-GX! Whether you are looking to collect the coveted Rainbow version or you have plans to use its amazing Double Blaze GX attack, it is a highly sought after card on PTCGL! This set also brings back a fan favorite Gym Leader from Kanto, Lt. Surge, in its new card Lt. Surge s Strategy! Having the option to play multiple Supporter cards per turn, such as Bellelba & Brycen-Man from Cosmic Eclipse, makes it one of the most powerful cards in the game! If you are looking to truly break the unbroken , consider picking up some Unbroken Bonds Live code cards right now!

By buying Unbroken Bonds Pokemon TCG Live codes, you can get some of the following PTCGL cards: Reshiram & Charizard-GX, Dedenne-GX, Lt. Surge s Strategy, Fire Crystal, Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX, Honchkrow-GX, Welder, Blacephalon, and more!

他言語のUnbroken Bonds:
  • Japanese: Sun Collection and Moon Collection Miracle Twin
  • European French: Soleil et Lune Alliance Infaillible
  • German: Sonne un Mond Kräfte im Einklang
  • Italian: Sole e Luna Legami Inossidabili
  • Korean: Sun Collection and Moon Collection Double Blaze
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Sol e Lua Elos Inquebráveis
  • Spanish: Sol y Luna Vínculos Indestructibles
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