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Scarlet & Violet -PTCGLコード
Scarlet & Violet -PTCGLコード

Scarlet & Violet -PTCGLコード

Part Number: scarlet-and-violet
在庫数: 在庫 1498
特徴: 0191
特徴: 2PG-42RD-RCV-MRN

PTCGLでは、プレイヤーは1つの種類のパックにつき 400 パックまでのブースターパックコードを交換できるように 制限 されています。 この制限を超えてコードを追加した場合、パックの代わりにコインが提供されます。


Scarlet & Violet 

Discover the Paldea Region, filled with many new Pokemon and Characters, in Pokemon TCG s latest set, Scarlet and Violet Base set. Based on the Nintendo Switch games, Scarlet and Violet, this set features a redesign of the Pokemon TCG as we know it. All Scarlet and Violet base set and on cards feature a new silver border to bring the game s aesthetic in line with Japan for the first time ever! On top of that, Pokemon ex return to the Pokemon TCG for the first time in years! Pokemon ex are powerful Pokemon that Evolve from their natural Evolution line instead of having specially printed cards to Evolve from. That means Magnemite [Scarlet and Violet] Evolves into Magneton [Scarlet and Violet] and then Magneton Evolves into Magnezone ex [Scarlet and Violet]. This is much different than Pokemon VSTAR / VMAX cards from Sword and Shield that would have Duraludon V [Evolving Skies] Evolve into a Duraludon VMAX [Evolving Skies]. It might not sound like much of a change at first, but this places a larger emphasis on Evolution Pokemon, which is an in-game mechanic that hasn t been as important in recent years. One of the more exciting cards from the set is Miraidon ex[Scarlet and Violet]! Its Tandem Unit Ability is like playing two copies of Nest Ball [Scarlet and Violet] for Lightning-type Pokemon. You can do that each turn, power it up with Electricity Generator [Scarlet and Violet], and theme a whole deck around that. Its Photon Blaster attack hits hard at 220 damage that can certainly OHKO a Pokemon V or a Basic Pokemon ex. Gardevoir ex [Scarlet and Violet] allows you to attach as many Basic Psychic Energy with its Psychic Embrace Ability and you can use that to power up all of your Psychic Pokemon in play! On top of all of these powerful cards that will surely shake up our Standard format, there are many beautiful cards to collect in Scarlet and Violet. There are Special Illustration Rare versions of Miriam [Scarlet and Violet], Arven [Scarlet and Violet], Jacq [Scarlet and Violet], and Penny [Scarlet and Violet]. With so much to discover in Scarlet and Violet, start your Pokemon TCG adventure - pick up some Scarlet and Violet Pokemon TCG Live codes today!

Scarlet and VioletのPTCGLコードを購入することで、以下のポケモンカードの一部を獲得できる可能性があります→ ホゲータ、ニャオハ、クワッス、グルトン、ヤドンAR、パピモッチAR、ガケガニAR、リオルAR、サーナイトex SR、ギャラドスex SR、ウインディex、ジュペッタex、ミモザSR、スター団のしたっぱSR、ボタンSAR、ミライドンex SAR、コライドンex SAR、などなど。 

他言語のScarlet & Violet
  • ヨーロッパ・フランス語: Écarlate et Violet
  • ドイツ語: Karmesin & Purpur
  • ポルトガル語: Escarlate e Violeta
  • スペイン語: Escarlata y Púrpura
  • イタリア語: Scarlatto e Violetto
  • Korean: ex Scarlet ex ex Violet ex
  • Chinese - Cantonese: ex Jy ex ex Jí ex
  • Chinese - Mandarin: ex Zh ex ex Z ex
  • インドネシア語: Scarlet ex Violet ex
  • Thai: ex Scarlet ex ex Violet ex
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