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ポリゴン-Z プロモ -1コード
ポリゴン-Z プロモ -1コード

ポリゴン-Z プロモ -1コード

品番:: porygon-z-promo
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特徴: 2052
特徴: 9GC-DH9K-LBV-7GR
In PTCG Live, players are limited to redeeming up to 4 codes. Any additional codes beyond this limit will provide CRYSTALS.

To avoid any inconvenience and errors, it is recommended to keep track of your redeemed codes and enter a maximum of 10 codes at a time.

ポリゴン-Z プロモ

When you play this Pokemon from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon during your turn, you may devolve each of your opponents's evolved Pokemon by putting the highest Stage Evolution card on it into your opponent's hand.

でんじほう: 80

Porygon-Z Promo code includes the following Pokemon Cards:
  • 1x Porygon-Z Promo Card 105a/147
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