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Phantom Forces - 1コード
Phantom Forces - 1コード

Phantom Forces - 1コード

Part Number: phantom-forces-ptcgl
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Feature: BQR-9M68-FN5-M75
In PTCG Live, players are limited to redeeming up to 400 booster pack codes per set. Any additional codes beyond this limit will provide COINS instead of packs. 


Phantom Forces (XY)

Mega Gengar-EX and Mega Manectric-EX make their debut in one of the best XY sets, Phantom Forces! This Pokemon TCG Live Code set also features the infamous Night March Pokemon, which has dominated the Pokemon TCG in both formats ever since its release here in this set. These powerful Pokemon are joined by Manectric EX, M Manectric EX, Joltik, Pumpkaboo, Lampent, Golbat, Crobat, Malamar EX, Slurpuff, AZ, Dimension Valley, Professor Sycamore, VS Seeker, Mystery Energy, Target Whistle, and Battle Compressor.
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