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Evolving Skies - PTCGL Codes
Evolving Skies - PTCGL Codes

Evolving Skies - PTCGL Codes

品番: evolving-skies
在庫数: 在庫 1793
特徴: 697
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Evolving Skies (Sword & Shield) 

Sword & Shield Evolving Skies unleashes the fan favorite, Rayquaza, in an all new powerful VMAX form! Rayquaza VMAX soars high by having a built-in draw engine with its Azure Pulse Ability and can hit for a devastating amount of damage with Max Burst. The best thing yet Dragon-type Pokemon are back! Many other Dragon-type Pokemon, such as Salamence, Flapple, and Hyrdreigon, are back and they all have a special Dragon-type shadow embedded on the lower half of the card! If Dragon-type Pokemon aren t your style, don t worry, the set is filled with amazing Eevee -lution Pokemon. Fan favorites of Leafeon VMAX, Umbreon VMAX, and Sylveon VMAX will all wreck havoc once this set is officially released. As with Battle Styles and Chilling Reign, both Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokemon are featured in this set to add more depth to that mechanic. For the collectors out there, Evolving Skies is filled with highly sought after cards, such as Alternate Art Rayquaza VMAX, and powerful Trainer cards, like Full Art Raihan. Evolving Skies truly elevates the Pokemon TCG metagame and will have you evolving your decks immediately.

By buying Evolving Skies Pokemon TCGL codes, you can acquire some of the following PTCG cards: Rayquaza VMAX, Medicham V, Dracozolt VMAX, Leafeon VMAX, Duraludon VMAX, Sylveon V, Noivern V, Dragonite V, Full Art Copy Cat, and Golden Darkness Energy.

他言語のEvolving Skies
  • 日本語:  摩天パーフェクト&蒼空ストリーム
  • フランス語(欧州): Évolution Céleste
  • ドイツ語: Drachenwandel
  • イタリア語: Evoluzioni Etereee
  • ポルトガル語(ブラジル): Céus em Evolução
  • スペイン語 Cielos Evolutivos
  • 中国語(広東語): Motin Dinfung, Chonghung Lihtlàuh
  • 中国語(標準語): Mótian Dianfeng, Cangkong Lièliú
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